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The National Conference on Research and Development in Civil Engineering, Architecture and Modern Urbanism



The National Conference on Research and Development in Civil Engineering, Architecture and Modern Urbanism روز یکشنبه، 3 دی، 1396 توسط پژوهشگاه فرهنگ و هنر و تحت حمایت سیویلیکا در شهر Tehran برگزار گردید.

Subjects Covered: General Engineering
Holders: پژوهشگاه فرهنگ و هنر و تحت حمایت سیویلیکا
City: Tehran

About the Conference
Nowadays, in the world’s academic atmosphere, an interdisciplinary approach as a new method and approach to teaching and research is highly important in the science institution. Various factors such as the development of science, researchers and students’ needs, necessity of research subjects and problems caused by the traditional breakdown in various fields of science have increasingly caused internal developments and trends of interdisciplinary approach. Therefore, interdisciplinary topics as the basis for the development of science in today’s world at both theoretical and conceptual level in terms of operational and functional arenas should be considered.
Construction is not excluded from this scope. In addition, the growth of urbanization and urbanization in our country due to its construction platform demands greater attention more than ever. Three fields of civil engineering, architecture and urban management that have common roots in the past are separated from each other according to the specialization of science at some point in history. It should be noted that environment is regarded as the most important component of life for human beings, but until now, its real value and contributions are not appropriately specified so that one of the most important challenges facing governments in the twenty-first century is environmental crises. For this reason, governments attempt to overcome environmental problems and reduce its negative effects on the environment and the human functions by adopting different policies and programs based on the results of the field surveys. It is hoped that this conference will boom construction and reduce negative environmental effects by its achievements in the long term.
The Annual Conference of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Management Development attempts to meet the general needs of science and develop interdisciplinary researches in the field of the country urban construction and management by making researchers of these three fields close to each other. 


Conference Topics
1.Civil engineering and sustainable development
2.Structural engineering, earthquake and seismic rehabilitation engineering
3.Architectural engineering and sustainable development
4.Traffic engineering, transportation and urbanism infrastructures
5.Planning, management and urban design
6.Urbanism engineering and Sustainable Urban Development
7.Urban infrastructures
8.Environmental engineering and urban environmental science
9.Sustainable urban landscape and development
10.Culture, sociology and urban psychology
11.Historical monuments and texture reconstruction
12.Risk and crisis management and strategies to create a comprehensive crisis management

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Date of holding:
24 December 2017
Deadline for submitting original articles:
9 December 2017
Date of announcing the arbitration of articles:
12 December 2017
Conference registration deadline:
16 December 2017


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