The problem of single-use synthesized nanoabsorbents

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One of the problems of synthesized nanoabsorbents is that they are disposable. While the synthesis of magnetic nano-biocomposite ferrite, nickel, cobalt, iron and active carbon using the medicinal plant of cheese has the ability to be used several times.

The green synthesis of nanoparticles has advantages such as biocompatibility, low production cost, not using toxic solvents, ease of production and application, and is also important from the point of view of green chemistry. The nanoparticles produced in this way are more uniform in terms of particle size distribution and stability compared to other methods. One of the problems of synthesized nanoabsorbents is that they are disposable, with the synthesis of magnetic nano-biocomposite of ferrite, nickel, cobalt, iron, and active carbon, it can be used several times, and the molecules of carcinogenic and mutagenic dyes that cause disorders in the body organs of living beings. And the entry of wastewater containing dye molecules is one of the big problems that the world is facing, therefore, wastewater treatment is essential, and in this research, we have synthesized a magnetic nano-biocomposite that does not have environmental problems. Due to the development and increasing applications of nanotechnology, we ask scientists and researchers to do more research in this field.

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