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8th Iranian Biannual Seminar of Electrochemistry

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8th Iranian Biannual Seminar of Electrochemistry (2009-07-14 - 2009-07-16) by was hold in Sanandaj

Conference Subjects: Analytical Chemistry
Conference Venue: Sanandaj

Subjects covered by the 8th Iranian biannual electrochemistry seminar include topics related to all fields of electrochemistry.
1.  Electrochemistry of nanomaterials
2.  Biosensors and bioelectronics
3.  Electrosynthesis and green chemistry
4.  Electrochemistry of thin films and self assembled monolayers
5.  Electrochemical energy conversion and storage
6.  Electroanalysis and modified electrodes
7.  Electrocatalysis
8.  Organic electrochemistry and electropolymerization
9.  Molecular electrochemistry and simulation-
10. Electrochemistry of enzymes and proteins
11. Modern techniques and new materials
12. Membranes and potentiometric sensors
13. Corrosion and industrial electrochemistry
14. Chemometric Techniques in Electrochemistry

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Tue 14 Jul 2009
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