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Application Of STR In Genetic Diversity

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Year: 2018
COI code: CIGS15_194
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Authors Application Of STR In Genetic Diversity

  s Jabbari, - MSc Graduated, Department of Genetic, Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran
  MR Mashayekhi - Assistant professor, Department of Genetic, Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran
  a Hasanpour - Associate professor, Department of Clinical Sciences, Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran


Introduction: The horse’s influence on human history and civilization make it one of the most important domestic animals. Among molecular markers, microsatellites are suitable for biodiversity evaluation owing to their codominant inheritance, high heterozygosity and distribution across the genome, ease and reliability of scoring. In the current work genetic diversity of the Arabian horse breed was studied using 50 individual horses.Material and methods: Sampling from Arabian horse was done and their DNAs extracted. Extracted DNAs was run in an agarose gel and concentration and quality of DNAs was measured by Nano-drop. We used four microsatellite markers include ASB17, LEX3, HMS1, and CA425. These loci were amplified by multiplex PCR with fluorescent dye-labeled primers. PCR products were separated and analyzed with capillary electrophoresis and the outputs were analyzed using Genmmaper software. Results and discussion: The results showed At ASB17 locus 6 alleles, observed heterozygosity in ASB17 locus was 0/62 however the expected heterozygosity was 0/715. At LEX3 locus 9 allele was seen. At this locus observed heterozygosity was 0/26 and expected heterozygosity was 0/812. At HMS1 locus 6 allele was seen also the allele, Observed and expected heterozygosity at this locus were 0/52 and 0/669. At CA425 locus 5 alleles was seen Observed and expected heterozygosity was calculated 0/52 and 0/546. Conclusion: Results of this study showed high frequency genetic diversity in Arabian population in compare with the other horse breeds.


Arabian horse, Microsatellite, Genetic diversity, Multiplex PCR

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COI code: CIGS15_194

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