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lncRNA ROR is a good way to detect Breast Cancer

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Year: 2014
COI code: ICBCMED10_195
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Authors lncRNA ROR is a good way to detect Breast Cancer

Reza Sahebi - Ms.c in molecular genetics,Department of Genetics, Faculty of Natural Science ,Tarbiat modaresuniversity, Tehran,Iran


Since current methods for the detection of breast cancer, including personal and clinical examination and mammography tests are not able to detect certain and for a definitive diagnosis requires a biopsy, switching to modern medical methods such as the use of (Biomarkers) is a necessity. Among the benefits of early detection markers in addition to early detection, being inexpensive and safer way than the biopsy. Studies have shown that ROR has important role in tumor genesis and metastasis of breast cancer. This lncRNA significantly causing aggressive and (Migration) in breast cancer cells. It is noteworthy that the ROR is the positive regulator of epithelial to mesenchymal conversion (EMT). EMT plays as a key role in the creation of a malignant tumor and it causing loose connections between cells. ROR mechanism in this process is miR-205 absorption and it removes the inhibitory effect of ZEB 1 and ZEB 2 factors. These factors are involved in the conversion of epithelial to mesenchymal tumors and they have overexpressed in breast cancer. The following guidelines can be used is Antisense RNA to inhibit ROR or using liposomes containing miR-205 to inhibit ROR.


lncRNA ROR in Breast Cancer, mir-205,lncRNA ROR and EMT

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COI code: ICBCMED10_195

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