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The Renovation of Industrial Heritage; Case Study: Isfahan Risbaf Factory

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Year: 2019
COI code: ICCCHA01_007
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Authors The Renovation of Industrial Heritage; Case Study: Isfahan Risbaf Factory

  Elahe Mahdavi - Soore University, architecture school, Tehran, Iran


In many cities, the change of expansion and development process causes the industrial collections, that once located outside the city, to integrate into and within the urban context. Over time, shutting down these factories and abandoning them have led to some problems. One of the key strategies to overcome this problem is to restore these collections into the urban life cycle, alter them to suit today s requirements, and revitalize them. Isfahan Risbaf is the only factory which has remained in Chaharbagh area in Isfahan. The importance of this historical site and the achievements of industrial complexes revival in recent years on the one hand, and the extent of the factory on the other hand, has created a special circumstance for it. The purpose of this paper is to explain the specific situation of the factory at the intersection of the natural-historical axis of Isfahan, to improve the quality of the urban life. The main question is that how the revival of this contemporary industrial heritage can increase the interaction of the citizens and tourist with it and meets the needs of the city today. The answer to these questions, which have been made in the form of research hypotheses, is that the use of Isfahan Risbaf factory with new and diverse functions can fulfill the existing needs, in addition, it can provide an opportunity for recreational and Tourism activities of the city s residents. In terms of its purpose, this research is an applied one and from the point of view of the researcher s action, is analytical and interpretive based on library research process


Renovation, Industrial Heritage, Contemporary Heritage, Revival, Isfahan Risbaf Factory

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COI code: ICCCHA01_007

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