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Isolation and identification of dermatophyte and non-dermatophyte species and the molecular analysis of swimming pools of Qom

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Year: 2019
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Authors Isolation and identification of dermatophyte and non-dermatophyte species and the molecular analysis of swimming pools of Qom

  Farzaneh Mohammadzadeh Rostami - Department of Bacteriology and Virology, School of Medicine, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran
  Saman Shalibeik - Department of Microbiology, Falavarjan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan, Iran


Introduction: Many studies show that swimming in swimming pools can cause infection and there is concern that exposure to water and the environment swimming in the pool to fungal diseases develop. Therefore, this study aimed to isolate and identify the species of dermatophyte and non-dermatophyte and molecular analysis of isolates from swimming pools of Qom. Material & Methods: in this study, randomly selected from the community swimming pool in Qom province was 10, sampling from the locker, shower, pushy, sauna and bath pools, on three different occasions during the spring and summer of 1395 was carried out. The fungal pollution of the area for swimming pools carpet sterile technique was used. a total of 150 samples from 10 pools ,for isolation of fungal contamination was tested. All pools were in the same condition in compliance sampling. Results: All 150 samples collected, a fungal infection. Non-dermatophyte fungi isolates included: Aspergillus fumigatus, Aspergillus flavus, aspergillus niger, fusarium, kladospurum, mucor, rhodotorula Alternaria, Rhizopus, Penicillium, Paecilomyces, Candidates , and was Kanyngamla Faytu mentagrophytes dermatophyte isolated was only Traykv. Conclusion: most fungi Aspergillus flavus was isolated with a more descriptive statistical analysis of the changing rooms and shower areas was separated. Amplification of 18s ribosomal RNA gene extracted from isolates using PCR was performed, All positive samples after purification for each of the samples was measured OD the PCR product for sequencing was sent to England life Bioscience companies. The results of this study need better sanitation and disinfection to reduce water pollution and surroundings pools attention and monitoring is essential.


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COI code: ICCM13_140

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