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The evolution of the design approach in Cold Climate(A case study of Tabriz, Iran)

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Year: 2019
COI code: ICSAU06_0448
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Authors The evolution of the design approach in Cold Climate(A case study of Tabriz, Iran)

  Tuba Ghassab Sahebkar - Interior Architecture Group, Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad university,Tabriz,iran


Construction architects always considered the issue of selecting appropriate methods in construction design coordinating with the region climate. Construction designers in association with climatologists used potential climate facilities of every zone and designed residences in proportion with climate conditions of every zone through providing different formula and methods.The present study tried to evaluate kinds of architecture which are harmonious with human comfort or discomfort based on environmental models and indexes including Missenard, Ashrae, Lee Roy, Mahoney, and effective temperature using statistics provided by synoptic aerology station of Tabriz during 1995-2015.Results of the article refer to Missenard method and demonstrate that comfort state are established during April, May, July, Augustus, and September, but comfort is not at a desirable level during the rest months. According to Ashrae, complete comfort is only seen during April and Augustus because the weather s intensified cold disappears and there is convenience during the rest months due to cold and heat special to cold and warm seasons, respectively. Lee Roy states that healthy mental-physical condition governs human during seven months of the year while discomfort conditions are experienced during the rest five months. According to Mahoney, it is better to construct the buildings at north-south direction with an east-west axis because it is the best direction to use solar energy to heat the buildings during cold seasons. Based on effective temperature method, need to sun heat is felt more during cold seasons and, therefore, wasting thermal energy of the buildings should be prevented in the mentioned period by any means.


Human comfort, Harmonious Architecture, Being cold, Tabriz

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COI code: ICSAU06_0448

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