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Evidence-Based Approach in Medical Education and Research

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Year: 2018
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Authors Evidence-Based Approach in Medical Education and Research

  Ali Ghorbani-Abdehgah - Surgical Outcomes Research Center, Shariati Hospital, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
  Abolfazl Shojaiefard - Surgical Outcomes Research Center, Shariati Hospital, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
  Aidin Yaghoubi-Notash Jr. - Surgical Outcomes Research Center, Shariati Hospital, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran


Explosion of low information and resources in medical field, that also occurred alongside the other sciences, has led to this phenomenon that a large flow of information in the scientific and clinical decisions involved and engaged and also has led to this event that intellectual and logical concepts revived based on the philosophy and history of philosophy, and from the depths of books and libraries re-enter to daily discussions (1). Critical thinking (critical thinking), conditional reactions to clinical challenges (conditional reflex), medicine based on resolve challenges (problem-based medicine), scientific inference (scientific reasoning), the relationship between action and idea (concept and essence challenging), and smart thinking (systematic thinking), all and all are a small fraction of concepts revived during two past decades and opened in patient’s mind (2). Along with all these issues, maturing and barricade hermeneutics philosophy discussions and it’s enter to the empirical sciences filed also raised and formed a fundamental question in the minds of researchers and activists in the empirical sciences (3). How should face with raw theoretical information Raw theoretical information is what defined in general as evidence ; but medical training and research in the fields has changed, and should be changed over and over. Today, a physician working in the clinical field before each skill should know: 1. How to ask questions, 2. How to search about her/his question within scientific information, 3. How to extract evidence, 4. How to evaluate extracted evidences, and be able to rank evidences based on value, 5. How to analyze valuable evidences scientifically, and be applied to her/his clinical question, 6. How to be able to make decision based on his/her analyzing evidence, and have decision monitoring and refining, and finally 7. How to be able to produce and provide evidence from her/his experience series.This important issue will not happen unless the entire time of teaching and research for medical students be conducted in an environment and situation that all believe in evidence-based medicine , and avoid eminence-based approach, vehemence-based approach, eloquence-based approach, providence-based approach, diffidence-based approach, litigation-based approach, confidence-based approach, etc. (4).


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COI code: JR_AJS-5-1_007

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