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Investigating the Factors Influencing the Enhancement of Social Environment Affordances

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Year: 2019
COI code: JR_SOC-3-6_005
Paper Language: English

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Authors Investigating the Factors Influencing the Enhancement of Social Environment Affordances

Hamid Reza Ameri Siahooyi - Associate Professor, Payam-e-Noor University of shahre-rey
Fatemeh Ahmadi Sarkhoni - Payam-e-Noor University of BandarAbbas


According to Gibson, the affordances of everything, material or nonmaterial, constitute part of its assets making it usable to a certain creature or a member of creatures’ species. The affordances of an artificial environment (social environment herein) restrict or increase the behavioral choices according to the environment’s structure. In other words, every environment can play a considerable role in the enhancement and improvement and/or reduction of behavior. The present study seeks to find the factors influencing the increase in the affordance of an environment. The study has been conducted based on a descriptive-analytical method. The investigation of the first-hand resources, library documents and observations account for a notable quotient of the study goals’ advancement. In the end, the results show that the creation of factors like the supply of physical needs, attachment to a place, memorability, sociability of the spaces, legibility in the attachments to a place and contribution to the growth of the social environment affordances is influential.


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COI code: JR_SOC-3-6_005

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