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Legal Architecture, Courtroom Design in Iran Context

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Year: 2016
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Authors Legal Architecture, Courtroom Design in Iran Context

Ronak Nakhostin - R.N,Iran Constraction Engineering Organization,Markazi province
Davood Parchami - D.P,Iran Constraction Engineering Organization,Markazi province


Law and the culture of law find their expression in the many facets of the law‘s institutions. One of the most visible of these is the architecture of the places in which the legal process is enacted. This article deals with some symbols and attributes of courthouse which is significant factors on design of this type building. Interface between the design of courtrooms and the international criteria for design is surveyed. In contrast to a vision of judicial space as neutral, this article argues that understanding the factors and symbols which determine the internal design of the courtroom is critical to make architects capable to understand appropriate courthouse‘s design. Functional requirements have changed the design of courthouse building and some elements established as symbols of justice. New facilities must be designed to encourage egalitarian justice while still presenting an image of authority. Architects must consider both function and symbolism, creating secure facilities that represent democracy and openness. Therefore criteria and symbols in courthouse building have analyzed in international context in order to suggest adapted design rules in Iran context on the basis of user‘s needs and similar regulation all over the world


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COI code: RCEAUD03_158

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