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1st National Conference on New Studies in Entrepreneurship and Business Management

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Conference Subjects: Business ، Management
Conference Venue: Semnan


The 1st National Conference on New Studies in Entrepreneurship and Business Management will be hosted by Faculty of Humanities, Semnan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Semnan, Iran (NSEBM-2019). This conference is an opportunity for academics, experts and consultants throughout the country to participate in a research based conference based on management and development in innovation and entrepreneurship in business relating to private sector, coop rations and government as well as skill organizations to cooperate, interact and exchange their ideas.  

More over; this conference deals with many interdisciplinary subjects which can be used as a tool for innovation and entrepreneurship, social innovation and entrepreneurship, women's entrepreneurship, rural entrepreneurship and family entrepreneurship which in turn can lead itself  to smart cities.


● Marketing and business management

● Innovation and creativity

● Industry, production and technology management

● Accounting and financial management

● Insurance and banking

●Media and communication management

●Economy and management

●Low, political science and police

●Tourism and hotel management

●Technology and information managment

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Thu 19 Dec 2019
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