Imparting Entrepreneurship skills for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Publish Year: 1389
نوع سند: مقاله کنفرانسی
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 10 دی 1389


Every successful entrepreneur, every successful businessperson has been someone who's been able to identify a problem and come up with a solution to it before somebody else did, and entrepreneur is a person who habitually creates and innovates to build something of recognized value around perceived opportunities. Entrepreneurial activities are found in a variety of structures and sizes. For example, an entrepreneur might develop a non- profit organization delivering necessary social services to a community. Entrepreneurship might also result in the creation of flexible part-time jobs for students, as well as opportunities for individuals seeking a second income. The creativity and resources of the entrepreneur are the only limits to business possibilities. Inside the mind of this entrepreneur is a vision of a future state that is preferred to the present state. Through a semiconscious process of intuition and insight, rooted in experience, the entrepreneur develops this vision and a strategy of how to implement it. This vision is promoted diligently and passionately by the entrepreneur. The job for many provides a feeling of being alive or the satisfaction of serving society. Entrepreneurial strategies tend to go along with simple centralized organizational structures that respond quickly to the entrepreneur's directives.


Abbas Taleb Beydokht

Assistant Professor, Management Department, Islamic Azad University, Gachsaran Branch, Gachsaran, Iran

Mohamad Bagher Sobhani

Instructor, Accounting Department, Islamic Azad University, Marvdaht Branch, Iran

Amir Taleb Beydokhti

Student, Industrial Engineering Department, Islamic Azad University, Gachsaran Branch,Iran

Mohamad Vaezi

Instructor, Accounting Department, , Islamic Azad University, Gachsaran Branch, Gachsaran, Iran