Obtain the Optimum Parameters for Cutting Hard and Tough Material (Hardox Steel) by Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Process

Publish Year: 1391
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Abstract: Nowadays, the non-traditional processes such as “LASER, EDM and AWJ” used for cutting high thickness sheet metal. Hardox is hard and tough steel alloy and it has many industrialize applications. One best process to cut the Hardox is abrasive water jet (AWJ) cutting.  It can cuts complex shape with high quality and accurate tolerance.  AWJ cutting offers certain unique benefits such as negligible heat affected zone, high degree of manoeuvrability in cutting process and less machining force exertion.  In this research work, first, the effective cutting process “AWJ” parameters were identified.  Then, to determine optimum Hardox cutting parameters, some experimental tests were undergone.  Finally, the experimental results were analysed using “ANOVA” technique in order to determine regression equations for achieving optimum parameters to set-up equipment for Hardox steel cutting.