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The historical record of earthquakes in Iran shows a strong seismic activity that has caused widespread damage and catastrophic consequences such as great loss of lives and economic loss. The strongest and deadliest earthquakes that have taken place in the recent 60 years are the Buin Zahra earthquake (September 1, 1962 with M7.2, and 25000 casualties), the Dasht-e Bayaz and Ferdows earthquakes (August 31, 1968 with M7.3; September1, 1968 with M6.4 and 12000 casualties), the Tabas earthquake (September 16, 1978 with M7.4 and 18000 casualties), the Manjil earthquake (June 21, 1990 with M7.4 and 35000 casualties), and the Bam earthquake (December 26, 2003 with M6.4 and 25000 casualties). Consequently, these earthquakes represent a dangerous and deadly natural hazard with devastating humanitarian and financial crisis.