Effects of different dietary levels of AFB۱ on survival rate and growth factors of Beluga (Huso huso)

Publish Year: 1388
نوع سند: مقاله ژورنالی
زبان: English
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 In the present study, the impacts of various concentrations of Aflatoxin B۱ (AFB۱) on Beluga, Huso huso, under controlled conditions were investigated. Belugas (۱۲۰±۱۰g) were fed on diets containing ۰, ۲۵, ۵۰, ۷۵, and ۱۰۰ ppb AFB۱/kg of diet for ۳ months. Results showed various levels of AFB۱ do not significantly affect the specific growth ratio (SGR) (P<۰.۰۵) of fish in different treatments. However, weight gain and food conversion ratio (FCR) were varied significantly (P<۰.۰۵ between control and treatments with diets contaminated with ۷۵ and ۱۰۰ppb AFB۱/kg after ۹۰ days). The increase AFB۱ level of did not affect on the percent of survival rate(SR) and no mortality was observed in treatments (SR=۱۰۰%) suggesting that various AFB۱ levels under experimental conditions of the present study affect some growth factors, such as, weight gain and FCR but have no significant impact on SR and SGR. Histopathological studies showed that different level of AFB۱ can cause broad range of change in liver tissue, including progressive fat deposition, hepatocyte degeneration and necrosis, particularly at concentration of ۷۵ and ۱۰۰ppb AFB۱/kg of diets after ۶۰ days.