Scientific updates on neurophysiological description and explanation of common psychiatric disorders

Publish Year: 1401
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 19 اسفند 1401


According to the latest joint research conducted in Iran and Turkey, it can be said that almost one out of every four people has one or more psychiatric disorders; However, two-thirds of the affected people do not benefit from healthcare interventions and many of the services provided are not of good quality. The last study, the burden of diseases in the country, also determined that psychiatric diseases, compared to other diseases, are the most important factor in the inability to Ages are ۱۰-۴۰ years old. However, we know well that psychiatric and psychological treatments and interventions effectively reduce the burden of psychiatric diseases. But what is doubly important from the point of view of psychotherapists is the description and explanation of mental disorders, which can double the effect of psychiatric and psychological interventions on mental disorders. In this research, it has been tried to describe and explain the common psychiatric disorders according to the scientific news and recent studies.


Hemin Maleki

Bachelor of Psychology student, Islamic Azad University, Faculty of Humanities, Sanandaj branch,Sanandaj, Iran