The impact of smart cities on macroeconomic variables

Publish Year: 1401
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Urbanization in all its extent is developing rapidly and city managers are trying to meet the expectations of citizens and organizations, respondents, considering the expansion of urbanization and the need for safe, green and smart cities. Currently, with the development of urbanization, communities are facing challenges, so the development of smart cities will be one of the most important cities that can reduce urban problems. The purpose of this article is to investigate the impact of urban smartness on macroeconomics. The method of this research is analytical and using MATLAB software and DSGE model, which is a dynamic model. This article has considered three articles, family, company and government, and has examined its results by designing mathematical models. This research showed that the smartening of the city has improved the situation of all three changes. The level of household satisfaction has increased, the government's expenses have decreased over time, and finally, it has increased the company's profit.


Zahra Mohammadi

PhD student in economics of Isfahan University

Nematullah Yagubi

PhD student in economics of Isfahan University

Fateme Bagheri

PhD student in economics of Isfahan University