The relationship between adjustment levels and Personality traits among the adolescents

Publish Year: 1387
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Abstract   Introduction: adjustment and its related concepts is one of the most important subjects in psychology. The influence of the concept of adjustment in psychology is to the extent that it is difficult to separate it from others such as personality. So the present study was searched to study the kind of relations between the psychological traits and the levels of adjustment in adolescents.   Methods: the levels of adjustment were predicted by psychological traits based on the correlation and regression model. Our sample consisted of ۴۵۶ available students from the entire male last degree high school student of number ۳ in area of Tehran. We utilized logistic regression for prediction and factor analysis and stepwise omission methods for factor reduction and obtain an optimum combination of psychological trait s with the least number of traits and the best power of prediction.   Results: between the various combinations of the psychological trait s there was a combination containing five traits with the same prediction power as the main eighteen traits included: Femininity, Communality, Flexibility, Dominance and Socialization.   Conclusion: adjustment -as mentioned on Allport’s rater than other definitions- can considered as a part of personality, or the result of a special relation between some of those factors . Based on the nature of the five combined factors, we have to consider some related behaviors especially the sexual and interpersonal developmental stages to improve the adjustment levels of adolescents.