Investigation of Corrosion Behavior of Anodized Titanium Alloy by Different Voltages in Simulated Body Fluid (SBF) Solution

Publish Year: 1400
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Increasing the thickness of the oxide layer on the surface of the titanium alloy by electrochemical processes such as anodizing, leads to improved corrosion resistance and ultimately increase the lifespan of titanium implants in the human body. Among the parameters affecting the properties of the anodized layer, process voltage is of great importance with respect to kinetic and thermodynamic processes. In this paper, titanium substrate is subjected to anodizing process in sulfuric acid solution by different voltages such as ۳, ۶, ۹ and ۲۱ volts, electrolyte temperature of ۶۰ ° C and duration of ۳۰ seconds. Then the fuzzy, structural and morphological behavior, as well as the corrosion behavior of the coating are evaluated by GIXRD, FESEM and electrochemical tests such as electrochemical impedance in the simulated body fluid (SBF) solutionat ۳۷ °C, respectively. GIXRD and FESEM analyzes show the formation of a titanium oxide coating with a hexagonal structure, which with increasing voltage up to ۶ volts, a smoother and smoother surface was obtained, but further increase of voltage up to ۹ and ۲۱ volts, resulted in a rougher surface. Also, the results of corrosion behavior showed that increasing the anodizing voltage up to ۶ volts due to the presence of a more uniform and smoother surface, which indicates less surface imperfections, led to the highest load transfer resistance in ۱ and ۲۴ hours of immersion in SBF solution at ۳۷۳۵۴ And ۵۸۱۲۷ (Ω .Cm۲) compared to other anodized samples.


Anodizing , Titanium implants , Voltage , Simulated body fluid (SBF) solution , Corrosion behavior. , آندایزینگ , ایمپلنت تیتانیومی , ولتاژ , محلول شبیه سازی بدن انسان , رفتار خوردگی.