A survey of prevalence of intestinal parasites in primary and junior jigh schools of Isfahan city during the year ۱۹۹۳

Publish Year: 1375
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زبان: Persian
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due to the previously reported high prevalence of intestinal parasitic infections particularly parasitic worms,in Isfahan province,the need for this study was felt.in this cross sectional study the prevalence of these parasitic and their relationship with some factors such as :sex ,age group,and educational regions has been determined.feces of ۱۵۶۰ students have been collected by random multi-sectional sampling and examined with direct and formalin-ether concentration methods.۲۶.۵% of the subjects were determined to be infected with at least one type of intestinal parasite.the prevalence of the parasites  were as follows:A. lumbricoides ۸.۷%, T.trichiura ۱.۸%, Trichostrongyus spp <۱%  H.nana ۰.۵% , G.lamblia ۱۱.۹%, E.histolytica ۰.۹%, D.fragilis ۰.۵%,(T.saginate ۰.۶%, and oxyuris ۰.۹%. will nonspecific methods).the prevalence of intestinal infection with intestinal pathogenic parasites such as: Ascaris lumbricoides was reduced in comparison with the previous surveys.there is a relationship between the prevalence of G.lamblia &sex (p<۰.۰۰۲), A lumbricoides and sex & age-group (p<۰.۰۰۲), and trichocephalus and age-group(p<۰.۰۲).the results of this study showed that the prevalence od parasitic infections in comparison with the previously reported finding were significantly reduced.


prevalence of intestinal parasites , Isfahan primary & elementary schools