Scientific and Medical Review of Uterine Cancer and its Treatment Methods

Publish Year: 1403
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 28 اسفند 1402


This study deals with the scientific and medical examination of uterine cancer and its various treatment methods. In the present study, which is considered a review study, the definition of uterine cancer and then its types and treatment methods and their complications have been discussed. Uterine cancer or endometrial cancer is a common disease in the reproductive system of women and their uterine tissue. This cancer, which is generally diagnosed by vaginal bleeding or abnormal body secretions, can be treated in the early stages. In addition, there are other types of this disease, such as uterine sarcoma, which are less common. Uterine cancer, which is not as common as ovarian cancer in women, usually occurs in old age and during menopause. The uterus is an organ in the female pelvis that protects the fetus until birth. This organ can suffer from different cancers such as endometrial cancer, sarcoma cancer and cervical cancer, which may have different symptoms and treatment. Uterine cancer generally occurs in old age and during menopause due to hormonal imbalance. Unfortunately, modern science does not have accurate information for the cause of this cancer, as well as its treatment methods. Only methods such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc. are used to improve the patient's condition and prevent the progression of the disease. However, these methods have many side effects. Of course, in the current situation where there is no alternative solution, it is the best method and the most common method.


Martino Delverdoliny

Assistant Professor of Surgery, Department of General Surgery, School of Medicine, Imam Reza Medical Research & Training Hospital, Milan University of Medical Sciences, Milan, Italy