A review and study on personality recognition through social media profile picture selection

Publish Year: 1402
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 15 فروردین 1403


Numerous individuals accept that our eyes are a window to our individual world that can uncover numerous privileged insights around us. This may be genuine to a few degree, but what ought to be included is that we are able learn a part approximately other people's individual and passionate lives, interface, behavioral and identity characteristics by looking at them. What we are talking around in this article are people's profile photographs on social systems, which can tell us a part approximately them. Whether it's a Facebook, Twitter, Wire, Instagram or any other social media profile, the confront and photo we select to appear the world is very important. Of course, in numerous cases these thoughts don't apply and individuals have other objectives behind their choices for their profile picture. But in any case, knowing these things isn't without elegance. Social organizing utilization is one of the foremost prevalent online action nowadays. The social media stages are a extraordinary way and get to know and interface individuals. With the approach of web and expanding utilize of web innovation gigantic sum of information are being transferred to the web nowadays. Through the later headway in innovation and get to of versatile phones and web with pictures have ended up broad over social media. Clients choose their choice of profile pictures; they post their every day schedules on the social media stages through content or pictures. Their choice of profile pictures and the type of picture they post can be exceedingly related to their identity. The reason of this consider is to create a framework which can anticipate a person's identity based on social media client subtle elements. The Huge Five Demonstrate is the identity demonstrate utilized in this investigate. This strategy that coordinating picture highlights of client profile picture and analyze the identity characteristics of person client. As of now, the need of existing framework to analyze and screen the user's identity based on picture isn't being tended to. The objective of this think about is to distinguish the way and degree to which contrasts in identity, measured utilizing the Huge Five model, are related to the choice of profile pictures.


Somayeh Ashkani

PhD student in social communication sciences, culture and communication major, Faculty of Social Sciences, Communication and Media Studies, Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch, Iran.