Analysing the Linguistic Aspects and The Image of The Hermitage in A. Burgess's Novels Honey for The Bears and Any Old Iron

Publish Year: 1399
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زبان: English
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Exploring the Image of Russia represented in English Literature is a topical issue of Russian English Studies, which is a matter of research concerns of several scholars in this country. The paper is focused on the Image of the Hermitage in Anthony Burgess's novels and its linguistic features considered in the context of current scholastic approaches to the problem of reception and representation of the Image of Russia in English Literature and, generally, in West-European culture. The Image of St. Petersburg is a major component of the Image of Russia in English literature, while the Image of the Hermitage occupies a most significant position in the structure of the Image of St. Petersburg. Having analysed A. Burgess's Honey for The Bears and Any Old Iron, we conclude that the novels belong to the discourse of culture, a model of English literary representation of Russia, intended to evoke the reader's sympathy the country.


English Literature , Image of the Hermitage , Burgess , Honey for The Bears , Any Old Iron


Zulfiya Zinnatullina

Department of Literature, Kazan Federal University, Russian Federation

Liliya Khabibullina

Department of Russian and Foreign Literature, Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication, Kazan Federal University

Oleg Yurievich Polyakov

Department of Russian and Foreign Literature and Teaching Methods, Vyatka State University