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Questioning the tension roof additions to Historical buildings and Monuments

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Authors Questioning the tension roof additions to Historical buildings and Monuments

Farnaz farasati - PhD student in faculty of architecture , Art university of Esfahan, Iran


Cultural property includes the physical or tangible cultural heritage, such as buildings and historic places, monuments, which are considered worthy of preservation for the future. These include objects significant to the archaeology, architecture, science or technology of a specific culture. Historical buildings, places, and monuments, are valuable treasure that are important for public. They interpret the usage of space, time, culture, and behavior; also they can be good source of income for each nation.On the other side scientifically they are combination of archeology, geology, geography, evolutionary biology, art work, architecture, and documentary history.These buildings introduce the history of an area and changes that have happened during decades, cultural value, social characteristics of that location and economic situation. For introducing Historic characters of buildings we should know that they are divided in two categories: visual and non-visual characteristics. Also visual characteristics of buildings can be exterior and interior. Roof, openings, Materials, features, additions, context, trims and surface finishes are the contribution of Exterior visual character of a building. Spaces and room details are the contribution of Interior visual character of a building. New Researchers classified types of additions (as an Exterior visual character of a building) in historical buildings and monuments. Shelter addition is one of the architectural elements additions that can be temporary or permanently. The problem of different temporary and changing shelters was a major cause that scientists have focused on additions and inventing tension structures. These Additional lightweight structures can be added to historical buildings and architectural monuments with different types in terms technology and different style in terms of, color, material, texture, pattern...etc.The aim of this paper is to searching and analyzing possibilities and opportunities to use this type of structures additions to cover historical buildings and archaeological site.Then we will talk about advantages of covering with this shelter structures additions, also we will focus on the successful cases in order to obtain their common characteristics in the world, and at the end new suggestion and ideas for same type sites in Cyprus and Iran. In each specific historic case the addition needed to be unique form and function also feature. Some of these features make this type of addition as appropriate solutions for historical buildings such as: flexibility, light weighting, transparency, mobility, etc. Then we will talk about very famous and successful examples in the world briefly in this paper .Also we will suggest them for same sites in Cyprus and Iran


tension roof, additions, visual characters, Historical buildings

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