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Technical and economic evaluation of various retrofitting methods for concrete columns in buildings

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Year: 2018
COI code: CAUE05_012
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Authors Technical and economic evaluation of various retrofitting methods for concrete columns in buildings

Masoud Golshani - Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Pooyesh Institute of Higher Education, Qom, Iran
Naser Cheraghi - Msc of Civil Engineering, Tehran, Iran
  Bahareh Pashaei Rad - Mathematic PhD student, Science and research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


The main weakness of reinforced concrete columns is focused on shear resistance and proper insolubility. So far, various methods have been proposed for the reinforcement of reinforced concrete columns against earthquakes. Several methods are the most common and effective methods for retrofitting reinforced concrete columns against earthquakes using steel jackets, cross sectional reinforcement, FRP fibers, and more. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of each of the methods proposed in this study, a comprehensive study on the technical and economic analysis of these methods has been proposed for recommending the reconstruction of concrete structures of the National Bank of Iran. Analytical hierarchy analysis (AHP) and expert choice software have been used to determine the priority of retrofit methods by statistical method. Based on the final score obtained for the effective measures on the selection of superior retrofit method, the greatest effect on the final dimensions of the column is set at 0.172. The second most influential factor in the final selection of the concrete column retrofit method is the Execution Limit criterion with a score of 0.161. The lowest score is related to the Final Quality of Performance index with a score of 0.082. Also, based on the final score obtained for various reinforcing concrete columns, it has been observed that ultimately, based on all the effective criteria, the best reinforcement method is determined using FRP fibers. The second method, with a score of 0.33, was related to the reinforcement of the column with a concrete jacket. Finally, the lowest score belonging to the column retrofit method was determined using a 0.317 jumper steel jacket


Retrofitting methods, concrete columns, FRP, Steel jacket, concrete jacket

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COI code: CAUE05_012

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