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Response of laterally loaded pile in cohesionless soil

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Year: 2015
COI code: CONFUCIAN01_027
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Authors Response of laterally loaded pile in cohesionless soil

  Mahdy Khari - Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, East Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University,Tehran, Iran.
  Majid Khari - Master Student, Department of Civil Engineering, Semnan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Semnan, Iran.


Piles are generally required to transfer load from a superstructure through weak or compressible strata, or through water, on to stiffer and less compressible soils and rock. Thepile behavior is very important in Soil-Pile interaction (as known Kinematic Interaction) so that grouped and single pile behavior differs owing to the impacts of the pile-to-pile interaction. In this research presents a series of experimental investigations carried out onsingle and group pile subjected to monotonic lateral loadings. The aluminum model piles were tested in the different relative densities in Johor Bahru sand. The sand samples were prepared by using the newly designed Mobile Pluviator adopted the air pluviation method. The different configurations of model pile groups for embedded length-to-diameter ratio equal to 32 into loose and dense sand spacing from 3 to 6 pile diameter (D) were conducted.The ultimate lateral load is increased 53% in increasing of s/d from 3 to 6 owing to effects of sand relative density. A ratio of s/D more than 6d is large enough to eliminate the pile-to-pile interaction and the group effects. It may be more in the loose sand


Single pile, Lateral Load, Mobile pluviator, Group pile, Relative density, Cohesionless soil

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COI code: CONFUCIAN01_027

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