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Cross border spatial flows; the missing factor in urban Service planning in Tehran, with special reference to educational services

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Authors Cross border spatial flows; the missing factor in urban Service planning in Tehran, with special reference to educational services

Vahab Gouran Ourimi - Master of Urban & Regional Planning- International University of Imam Khomeini
Maede Hedayatifard - PhD Student in urban development studies -university of Science & Technology


Urban planning has the responsibility of allocating urban resources, including land and urban spaces, to human activities. Importance and urgency of this mission is that despite scarce resources, demand for a variety of human activities, especially activities that are market-oriented is more. Thus, those activities that have public & welfare aspect and less economic Efficiency for the private sector, have always been the challenging point of urban planning profession as a public sector lawyer. This issue has always been a challenge in Tehran Urban development plans, so that in the second comprehensive plan of Tehran, welfare services per capita (septet services) had been Proposed 9.53 square meters; while at the end of year 2025 AD, this amount of services per capita wasn’t provided. Also In Tehran comprehensive plan (2007), the welfare services per capita (septet services and green spaces) is considered 21.8 square meters that despite the passage of seven years of approval of this plan, services per capita in Tehran has reached to 15.5 square meters. The purpose of this study is to assess the real needs of citizens for welfare services in order to increase the effectiveness of Tehran planning services implementation, In the meantime, it seems that Although there are numerous procedural reasons for inefficiencies in implications of allocating urban spaces to welfare activities in Tehran, but there are also Substantial inefficiencies in urban development plans in order to estimate the spaces for service activities. In this paper, with a focus on Substantial features of urban development plans, the emphasis is on the inability to measure functional needs and ignoring cross border relations in different scales of local to regional. As analysis Results shows, in detail plan of Tehran, welfare service in scale of the neighborhood, district & region, are planned within official Boundaries. However the behavior of space users is beyond the Borders of Space territories. Finally, with the proposal and application of Operational approach of Realizing the behavior patterns of residents and using the Effective Population in calculating the need for educational services, The requirement for this type of activity from 1814 hectares declared in the comprehensive plan of Tehran, dropped to 238 hectares that can be effective on increasing implementation of service plans & decreasing costs spent.


city public services, Educational services, functional scale, cross-border flows, space consumer behavior

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