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Exploring Solutions for Zero Energy Five Star HotelDesign (A study suitable for cold climates)

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Year: 2017
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Authors Exploring Solutions for Zero Energy Five Star HotelDesign (A study suitable for cold climates)

Nasim Moeinkhah - M. Sc. student, School of Art and Architecture,University of West Tehran Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
Seyed Majid Mofidi Shemirani - Assistant Professor, School of Architecture and Environmental Design, IranUniversity of science and Technology, Tehran, Iran


Hotels are one of the most energy consuming buildings and especially five star hotels which provide more particular amenities, on the other hand required fossil fuel sources are about to finish in near future and the pollution of these sources had become the biggest threat for the future of our planet. The methodology of the paper was collecting data from articles published in the journals, books and internet. Solutions obtained in this paper could be used anywhere in cold regions depending on the site’s features. This paper presents some of the passive and active systems that could be used in designing a five star hotel to minimize the buildings energy consumptions and replacing fossil fuels with renewable energies; also ways of integrating these systems with the building and creating thermal comfort for the guests. Conclusions that were gained imply that which one of the active and passive systems can be used and how is it effective for having a zero energy five star hotel with all the features


Five star hotel, Zero energy, Thermal comfort, Energy efficiency, Cold climate

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COI code: ICONFAAA02_018

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