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The Implementation of Optimization Algorithms in Micro-Climatic Analysis of Urban Morphology. Case Study: Genetic Algorithm (GA)

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Year: 2019
COI code: ICSAU06_0538
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Authors The Implementation of Optimization Algorithms in Micro-Climatic Analysis of Urban Morphology. Case Study: Genetic Algorithm (GA)

  Mohammadhassan Salmanian - Master s degree student in Urban Design, Art University of Tehran,


The complex system of cities, which is based on the principles of artificial construction, shows a significant difference in climatic systems in contrast to weather conditions. The need for energy and the high consumption of fossil fuels to supply the energy of cooling and heating systems, and transport, have a great impact on the thermal equations of the environment. In general, it is possible to say that different urban climate systems affect each other in a bi-directional manner, and hence the tracks of various environmental control measures are observed across all scales of urban climate. The most important point of view of environmental experts and environmentalists is that it does not suffice to realize the life and development of sustainable urban development, such as waste of energy and materials through introducing clean energies, and promoting public transport in energy consumption or walking and cycling as alternatives to travel. In addition to these important changes, the relationship between city and its surrounding environment has radically changed, and it will have significant effects on the shape and construction of the city. Without a doubt, the biggest challenge facing earth s inhabitants in general and urban planners in particular in recent decades, and to an uncertain future, is the issue of environment and climate change. The urbanization process is growing rapidly, the question then is what future urbanization should follow in order to ensure the survival and sustainability of life for all living things, including humans. There are various ways to deal with the problem above, but what can be considered as a fundamental solution to provide the basis for any effective action is the realization of a sustainable form of the city. It is therefore essential to emphasize that climate change and the energy challenge will not be possible without a sustainable urbanization.


Urban Design, Urban Morphology, Climate, Micro-Climate, Optimization, Genetic Algorithm

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COI code: ICSAU06_0538

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