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The relation between micro RNA and infertility

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Year: 2017
COI code: ISERB03_212
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Authors The relation between micro RNA and infertility

  Ghazaleh Arabzadeh - Nourdanesh Institute of Higher Education, Meyme, Isfahan, Iran


Background: Despite all efforts, activities and studies in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility, still there is no clear treatment or definitive diagnosis for infertility. It is important to obtain biomarker for infertility. MICRO RNA are small non-coding RNA which be about 19-24 nucleotides in the length that regulates gene expression at the post-transcriptional level. Cellular processes of proliferation and differentiation to apoptosis can be regulated by MICRO RNA. MICRO RNA role in physiological processes pathobiological and is highly regarded. MICRO RNA imbalance will lead to many diseases. Many researchers hope that the MICRO RNA used as a biomarker and therapeutic reagents. In recent years the role of MICRO RNA in infertility research has been done in this review to evaluate them.Methods: Review of 50 types of research which published since 2000 till 2016 from PubMed and Scopus .Result: Scientists have discovered the development of relation between genetics and reproductive biology, . However, there is still need for further research in the field of MICRO RNA, but recent studies have confirmed the relationship between the MICRO RNA and infertility.Conclusion: Using data records in the field of genetics clinic for more fertility treatments will provide the possibility to take better decisions about diagnosis and treatment.


Epigenetic, Spermatogenesis, Infertility, Micro RNA

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COI code: ISERB03_212

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