A multi objective mixed integer programming model for Design of a sustainable meat supply chain network

Publish Year: 1398
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Environmentalism has become an important global problem in the present century. Traditional logistics management has not focused on environmental concern. This paper proposes a multi-objective mixed integer programming model for design a green supply chain network under uncertainty. This network have four echelon involving farms, abattoir, retailer and customers. The first objective function minimizes total cost, the second objective function aims to minimize the total CO2 emissions released from transportation and the third objective is maximize the total capacity utilization of facilities and the last objective function is optimized the social impacts of network. Then, the multi objective model solves as single objective model applying LP-metric method. Finally, sensitivity analysis is done on some important parameters of the proposed model and the results are reported.


Fatemeh Ghasemian Zarini

MSc. Student of Industrial Engineering, Mazandaran university of Science and Technology,

Nikbakhsh Javadian

Department of industrial engineering, Mazandaran university of Science and Technology