Impact of transient fault location on voltage profile in a ۲۰ kv distribution network

Publish Year: 1400
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 8 مهر 1400


In the present paper, the effect of transient fault location on voltage profile at different points of distribution network is investigated. Since fault occurrence is inevitable in the power grids, it is necessary to investigate various faults in the power grid to minimize their effects by protective equipment. Both the permanent and transient faults, as two categories of faults, have different effects on power grids; but, since the cause of the permanent fault is visible and can be rectified in most cases, this study will investigate transient faults in a ۲۰ kv distribution network. Transient faults affect all components and equipment, but where this fault occurs in the network, it has a different effect on the distribution network and its components. Hence, these faults' effects on voltage profile as a critical characteristic of the power distribution networks are examined in this study. Then, the DIGSILENT software is applied to simulate the transient fault behavior at different distances on the voltage profile of a sample distribution network, and simulation results are presented in tables.


Hamidreza. Amiri

Electricity power distribution company Sari, Mazandaran, Iran