An optimization of early-stage greenhouse parameters for minimum energy consumption and maximum crop yield

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Artificial greenhouses are environments to keep crops in favorable growth conditions to obtain the maximum yield. This is achieved by providing a sufficient amount of solar radiation for the crop leaves and setting the greenhouse at a suitable temperature. This requires an additional heating and cooling system in the greenhouse to provide a suitable environment. The two major concerns of thegreenhouse owners are the crop yield and the energy consumption of the greenhouse. In this investigation, we have explored the early-stage parameters to find an optimum design for the greenhouse in terms of energy consumption and crop yield. Accordingly, the greenhouse owner candecide whether to get the high solar radiation according to the crop characterizations or get the lowest energy consumption. For this study, a case study greenhouse is considered in Tehran, and it is modeled in DesignBuilder. Afterward, the optimization problem is solved using the NSGA-II algorithm, and the optimum values are obtained. Accordingly, it was seen that in our case study,maximum heat gain of the greenhouse accompanies the maximum energy consumption in the greenhouse. Therefore, a trade-off should be made between the required solar radiation for crop growth and energy consumption


Mohammad Montazeri

Master of Renewable Energy and Environment,University of Tehran, Iran

Amir Sabzemeydani

BSc in Faculty of Architecture, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

Payam Zarafshan

Department of Agro-Technology, College of Aburaihan,University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran