The use of polycaprolactone and chitosan scaffoldsfor the production of biodegradable plastic

Publish Year: 1402
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 14 دی 1402


The concept of biodegradable plastics is of considerable interest with respect to solid wasteaccumulation. Greater efforts have been made in developing degradable biological materials withoutany environmental pollution to replace the traditional plastics. Among numerous kinds of degradablepolymers, polycaprolactone sometimes called PCL, an aliphatic polyester and biocompatiblethermoplastic, is currently a most promising and popular material with the brightest developmentprospect and was considered as the ‘green’ eco-friendly material. The application for thisbiodegradable plastic includes controlled drug releases, tissue engineering, bone scaffolds, packagingand, compost bags etc. This review will provide information on current PCL development, materialproperties of PCL and its composites, and also its wide spectrum applications.(۱) The application of thisbiodegradable plastic includes the controlled release of drugs, tissue engineering, bone scaffolds,packaging and compost bags, etc. Old ones that remain in nature for a long time. And these plastics donot damage it by being left in the nature and do not pollute the environment. The basic requirementsin these scaffolds are biocompatibility, biodegradability, absorbability, expected mechanical strength,suitable porous structure and easy processing for the shape. It is intended without unwanted effects(۲). After the porous polycaprolactone (PCL)/chitosan (CH) scaffolds were exposed to PBS or enzymaticdegradation systems in vitro for various periods up to ۱۰ weeks, it was observed that the degradationof the PCL component could occur at different rates depending on Accelerate its composition. Scaffoldsand media and the Qozan component can effectively buffer the acidic degradation products of the PCLcomponent (۳).


Paniz abdi soufi

Senior student of Microbial Biotechnology of Isfahan Academic Jihad and RoyanBiotechnology Research Institute of Isfahan

Pouya farokhi

Management of inpatient pharmacy at Laleh Hospital in Tehran, student of electricalengineering at Tabriz University