After the earthquake crisis management by using GIS (Case Study: Isfahanarea three)

Publish Year: 1395
نوع سند: مقاله کنفرانسی
زبان: English
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Crisis management is applied sciences Systematic observations and analysis by the crisis insearch of a tool By which the power of prevention or in the event of a crisis in order to reducethe effects of large-scale relief and recovery act . Every year, many people in different parts ofthe planet as a result of natural disasters such as earthquakes occurring - floods - storms losetheir lives and homes . Provide appropriate places for the establishment of relief centers after theearthquake and refugee settlements is one of the important steps in planning and crisismanagement. In this research, the three municipalities of the population of over 111,896 people,is studied So that we can locate the temporary deployment of a possible earthquake-affectedpopulations and studied put As well as the method used in this research using ARC GIS softwareto determine the location and use of hierarchical analysis method (AHP) And find the best fitmodel using the decision-making process Topsis and analyze network (network) is The results ofthis research in the locating, capturing eight area to accommodate that after the decision The bestplace for temporary housing after the earthquake of the martyr Rajai park. In the most optimalroute network analysis with the range of services we have specified


Arman feda

Graduate Student remote sensing and geographical information system

seyed ali almodaresi

Geomorphology Ph.D., assistant professor of remote sensing, geographic information systems, Islamic Azad University, Yazd

ali akbar jamali

Watershed Ph.D., assistant professor of remote sensing, geographic information systems,Islamic Azad University, Yazd