Performance Improvement through a Marshaling Yard Storage Area in a Container Port Using Optimization via Simulation Technique: A Case Study at Shahid Rajaee Container Port

Publish Year: 1395
نوع سند: مقاله ژورنالی
زبان: English
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 22 آبان 1397


Container ports have faced increasing development for the last 10 years. In such systems, the container transportation system has the mostimportant effect on the total system. Therefore, there is a continuous need for the optimal use of equipment and facilities in the ports.Regarding to the several complicated structure and activities in container ports, this paper evaluates and compares two different storagestrategies for storing containers in the yard. To do so and in order to cover all actual stochastic events occurring in the system, a simulationmodel of the real system was developed by using loading and unloading norms as important criteria to evaluate the performance of ShahidRajaee container port. By replicating of the simulation model and considering the two strategies, it was shown that using a marshalling yardpolicy has a significant effect on the performance level of the port which leads to cost reductions


Mohammad Reza Ghanbari

MSc, Young researchres and elite club,Qazvin Branch, Islamic Azad University , Qazvin, Iran.

Parham Azimi

Assistant Professor, Department of industrial engineering, Islamic Azad University, Qazvin Branch, Qazvin, Iran.