Journal of Holography Applications in Physics

Journal of Holography Applications in Physics (JHAP), covers all areas related to the holographic principle in physics, a new place of communication for research. Holographic principle prepares the powerful tools to study several phenomena in various branches of physics. However there is no any specialized journal in these topics. The aim of JHAP is to collect all applications of holography for the theoretical and experimental communities. We would like to publish high quality peer-reviewed papers, free of charge and open access for all readers. JHAP is fully sponsored by Damghan University. The reviewing and publishing process is completely free of charge.

  Holography is indeed one of the main consequences of the string theory, which relates two different theories, for example quantum theory of gravity to the gauge field theory. Holographic principle has two sides, the first are quantum theories without gravity which are indeed the experimentally relevant theories, and the second are classical theories of gravity, so applications in both (field theory and topology) are important. Applications of holography can relate some physics branches like elementary particle physics, condensed matter physics, nuclear physics, astrophysics and cosmology.

We would like to invite you to submit your recent article to be published in the Journal of Holography Applications in Physics (JHAP). The JHAP is a peer-reviewed open access journal, free of charge for authors and readers, specialized in theoretical, and experimental aspects of holography applications in all area of physics.

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