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Study of the Effect of the Counter Game in Offline and Online way on the Steam Network on Self- Esteem and Ethics of Secondary High School Boy Students in Semnan

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Year: 2018
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Authors Study of the Effect of the Counter Game in Offline and Online way on the Steam Network on Self- Esteem and Ethics of Secondary High School Boy Students in Semnan

  Soghra Ghasemi - English Department, Farhangian University; Iran, Semnan
  Mohammad Mahdi Mazhari - Student of Farhangian University; Iran, Semnan
  Mohammad Ali Yusefihe - Student of, Farhangian University; Iran, Semnan


Background and aim: Different researches have pointed to the role of computer games on human life. The purpose ofthis study was to investigate the relationship between one of the important games called Cantor on the confidence and ethics ofsecondary school students in Semnan in the academic year of 1397- 98 In this research, two-stage cluster random sampling method was used. For this purpose, according to the number of schools in this city, 2 boys high schools were selected randomly. The sample size included 163 students from the above mentioned schools (according to the Morgan table). To measure the skill of the players in the game, the researcher-made questionnaire was designed that has 20 questions that measure individual skills in different aspects of the game and its attitude toward the game. The scoring method of this questionnaire is that the options range from 0 to 5, so the score of each person can range from 0 to 100. That has 0 minimum skill and 100 has the most skill. To measure the level of self-confidence of individuals Cooper Smith self-esteem questionnaire was used. This questionnaire consists of 58 articles, eight of which are polygraphs. In total, 50 articles are divided into 4 sub-scales, general self-esteem social self-esteem (peers), family self-esteem (parents), and Educational self-esteem is divided. The scoring is zero and one. To measure the ethics of students with different dimensions, a questionnaire of 20 researcher-made questions was designed to examine the different dimensions of this issue. The score of the questionnaire is also that the options are awarded from 0 to 5 points. As a result, each person s score can range from 0 to 100, which has 0 lowest morals and 100 has the highest morals. Data were analyzed by Pearson correlation coefficient and Student t test. Materials and Methods: The statistical method of this study was 163 male secondary school students of Semnan city selected by two-stage cluster random sampling method. They completed the Cooper Smith questionnaire and two researcher-made estionnaires. The research method was applied in terms of its purpose and in terms of the nature of the correlation. For data analysis, simple correlation and t test were used. Findings and Conclusion: The results of the study showed that about 66 percent of the subjects play counter-game combat games. And trust and ethics are negatively related to the counter tone computer game, and they are confident in the game s people in the steam and outside network, and ethics are better than those who make this game outside of the steam network. It is playing this game inside it. And the self-esteem and morality among the people who play the Counter Strike are the same with those who play other games.


Counter Computer Game, Confidence, Ethics, steam network

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COI code: CGCO04_035

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