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Floating Pier Modulation Subjected by Operational Loads

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Year: 2014
COI code: ICSAU02_0470
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Authors Floating Pier Modulation Subjected by Operational Loads

  Mostafa Shahrabi - Graduate student, School of Civil Engineering, University of Tehran
  Khosrow Bargi - Professor, School of Civil Engineering, University of Tehran
  Iman Seyfipoor - Graduate student, School of Civil Engineering, University of Tehran


Recently with regard to some advantageous of floating piers, their utilization as berthing structures have been increased. Some of their special characteristics that made thempopular between civil engineers are seismic force isolation to full-scale mooring system, a low dependence on local soil conditions and tidal changes. The chief object of this paperis developing a procedure which can be used to analyze the motions of such a floating pier made up of several pontoons that are modeled as a rigid body and connected to eachother by flexible connections. After reviewing the past researches and projects that are relevant to the main topic of this paper, one of the most common structural models of floating piers will be defined in the foregoing sections. Modeling process of the chosen floating pier will be done by utilizing numerical modeling method to ease the considering of different effective parameters on floating piers behavior. One of the main aspects of modeling procedure is considering the appropriate load that is effective on the floating piers structural behavior. Moving loads which may affect pier are passengers, mobile cranes that want to loading and unloading ships and machineries which service to ships are the loads that will be used to model. Therefore, with regard to mentioned procedure and by numerical modeling of one of the most common types of floating piers, some designing graphs and tables would be derived that can be use by civil engineers for easing the designing procedure of such structures.


Coastal Structures, Floating Pier, Modulation, Moving Load, Stability

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COI code: ICSAU02_0470

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First Time: (Shahrabi, Mostafa; Khosrow Bargi & Iman Seyfipoor, 2014)
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