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Binding Properties of Ruthenium-complexes to DNA Nanostructures

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Year: 2013
COI code: NCNTA02_062
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Authors Binding Properties of Ruthenium-complexes to DNA Nanostructures

Hamed Heydarian - Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Chalmers University of Technology


Absorption and emission spectroscopy as well as time-resolved luminescencespectroscopy have been used to investigate of the Δ enantiomer of [Ru(phen)2 DPPZ CH3]P 2+ with different DNA nanostructures. The pure enantiomers, which were difficult to separate by traditional resolving methods , were synthesized via a chiral precursor. Changes in luminescence, isotropic absorption, emission and excited state lifetimes upon binding provide detailed information about the DNA binding of the enantiomers. The maximum luminescence intensity was reached at a stoichiometry of one Ru-complex molecule per 2 basepairs. The mixture of the Ru-complex and single stranded DNA produced the light switch effect when the oligonucleotide was longer than six bases, also the intensity of Hexagonal DNA was always a little higher than linear form.


Ruthenium complexes, DNA nanostructures, Absorption, Emission, Light switch effect

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COI code: NCNTA02_062

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