An Investigation of ESP Needs analysis at Iranian Universities: IAU- South Tehran Branch Law Students as a Case Study

Publish Year: 1400
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The aim of this research was to conduct a need analysis in order to analyze the Iranian university students’ ESP needs. Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch Law students’ ESP needs as a case study. The participants of the study were three groups of law students: ۱۰ Bachelor of Art, ۱۰ Master of Art, and ۱۰ Ph.D. students. Data were collected by using a questionnaire (See Appendix) which was supplied to decide if these participants were really willing to have ESP programs and to be taught in English or Persian language. As a matter of fact, the attention was focused on the importance and effective use of learning strategies which are related to four language skills- listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Actually, this study looked into English Language needs of law students.


Ahmad Mohseni

Department of English language, Faculty of Literature and Human Science, Molana Institute of Higher Education, Abyek, Qazvin, Iran