Poly (d/l) lactide-polycaprolactone/bioactive glass nanocomposites: assessments of in vitro bioactivity and biodegradability

Publish Year: 1400
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The in vitro assessments suggested the essential features for the bio screws applications. The effects of bioactiveglass nanoparticles (BG) during in vitro studies of the poly (D/L) lactide (PDLLA)/polycaprolactone (PCL)/BG nanocomposites (PPB) were assessed. The PDLLA/PCL (PP) blends were chosen as control groups. Apatiteformations capabilities, weight and pH variations, alkaline phosphatase activity (ALP), and MTT assay wereassigned during different immersion times up to ۶ months. The XRD and SEM results revealed the superior apatiteformation of PPB in simulated body fluids (SBF) compared to PP. The weight loss and pH variation resultsillustrated the highest values related to PP. Moreover, the MG-۶۳ cells cultures determined the better cell viabilityof the PPB compared to the PP blends. Although, there are no statistically significant differences between the twogroups. In addition, similar trends are shown for the ALP results where these amounts after ۲ and ۳ weeks incubationare considerable for PPB in comparison to PP. However, there are also no statistically significant differencesbetween the two groups. Overall, the in vitro bioactivity and biodegradability confirmed that the PPB implants canbe promised as a proper candidate for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction screws.


Javad Esmaeilzadeh

Central Research Laboratory, Esfarayen University of Technology, Esfarayen, North Khorasan, Iran

Saeed Hesaraki

Biomaterials Group, Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Department, Materials and Energy Research Center, Tehran, Iran

Shokoufeh Borhan

Department of Materials and Chemical Engineering, Imam Khomeini International University- Buin Zahra Higher Education Center of Engineering andTechnology, Qazvin, Iran