Prediction of scour depth near a caisson breakwater using ANNs models

Publish Year: 1391
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 24 خرداد 1393


Caisson breakwater is a rigid vertical structure that transmits most of the impinging wave force to its foundation. The caisson breakwater is susceptible to foundation damage and local scouringin front of its foundation [13]. Hence, prediction of local scouring near a caisson breakwater isan important issue in coastal and harbor engineering.The incident waves impinge on and reflect from the caisson breakwater at nearshore area that produces a series of standing waves in front of the caisson breakwater. Standing waves have significant influence on the scouring in front of caisson breakwaters. Carter et al. [4] studied theeffect of standing waves on formation of parallel pattern of scour/deposition in sand bars. Theyalso mentioned that standing waves develop a field of steady streaming system of recirculatingcells in front of vertical breakwater and indicated that the recirculating cells of the steadystreaming system consist of top and bottom cells as illustrated in Fig.1. The bottom cells of steady streaming system are attributed to the formation of bottom boundary layer near the seabed [13].



Mahmoud Ramzanpour

Student , Iran University of Science Technology

Abbas Yeganeh

Assistant Professer , Iran University of Science Technology

Said Mazaheri

Assistant Professer , Transportation research Insitute