Designing and Exploring the Model of Organizational Learning among the Staff of NIPC in Iran

Publish Year: 1397
نوع سند: مقاله ژورنالی
زبان: English
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 6 اسفند 1398


The aim of this study is to define and design organizational learning model among the country’s National Petrochemical Company employees.According to the design and explanation of organizational learning model in the Petrochemical Company, we first study the subjectby using library studies, theoretical foundations and variable components. Then we designed a new questionnaire through interviews, toexamine the views of the population on the basis of the local culture. Then, the questionnaire distributed among the population with usingthe software SPSS by exploratory factors analysis to identify factors and sub-factors is confirmed by confirmatory factor analysis andstructural factors. Finally, management experts assessed the model from different dimensions. Statistical Society of managers and staffof petrochemical, informants and elites of organizational learning of petrochemical such as university professors, researchers and thosewho have information from process of petrochemical organization will be selected. We will use Random sampling methods to test thequantitative and qualitative targeted selection for testing qualitative part to complete theories. The mixed method will be used in this research. For analysis of data resulted from interviews, the theory-based method will be used. This theory-based method is not theory but itis used for discover sleeping data in theory. So, the theories appear slowly in a gradual process of abstraction of the data and after obtainingqualitative information from the raw data, we will analysis them by quantitative methods and suitable test.


Abbas Monavarian

Professor, Department of Public Management, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran

Mohammad Khoshchehreh

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran

Esmaeil Omranzadeh

PhD Student of Public Management-Decision Making, Tehran University, Alborz Campus, Karaj, Iran

Hosein Alaei

Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Imam Hosein University, Tehran, Iran