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Plant Biotechnology Persa

Plant Biotechnology Persa (Plant Biotechnol Persa) is an open access and peer-reviewed journal. The journal is belonges to Ilam University of Medical Sciences,Ilam province,Iran. The journal is published every ۶ months each year (Semi-annual). It has been devoted to medicinal plants and biotechnology. The journal focuses on the research, teaching, and application of medicinal plants for treatment of diseases and biotechnology fields.
Plant Biotechnology Persa (Plant Biotechnol Persa) is the intersection between medicinal plants and biotechnology. This international journal publishes manuscripts in the fields of medicinal plants and biotechnology. This journal aims to reach all relevant national and international medical institutions and persons in electronic version free of charge.
Aim and Scope Plant Biotechnology Persa is an online Peer Reviewed international journal to promote all fields of medicinal plants such as herbal drugs, Bioactive compounds, Green Chemistry, Phytomedicine, Phytochemistry, Ethno-botany, Ethno-pharmacology, Ethno-medicine, Phyto-pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, clinical, pharmacological, pharmacokinetic, and toxicological studies of specified herbal medicinal products, herbal preparations and purified compounds as well as all aspects of Biotechnology etc.

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Plant Biotechnology Persa
Subjects Covered: Agricultural and Biological Sciences، Plant Science
Language: English
Holder: دکتر محمود بهمنی
Frequency: Two seasons
eISSN: 2676-7414
First publish: 1398
Place: ایران

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address: Ilam - Bangjab University Campus - Ilam University of Medical Sciences - Biotechnology and Medicinal Plants Research Center
zip code: 6939177143
phone: +988432223081
fax: +988432223081



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Naser Abassi

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