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Socio-spatial studies

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The journal of SOCIO-SPATIAL Studies has been published since 2017 in English, and used to be published as "International Journal of Architectural and Urban Studies” two times a year , with an interdisciplinary approach. The publisher of this journal is Shabestan Architectural and Urban studies Research center that has started its activity since 2011 by a license issued from the Ministry of Science and Technology of Iran.  After the years of experience in journal publishing, the executives have decided to develop the journal activities. In this regard, it was decided that the same interdisciplinary approach be continued more specifically and its names was changed. Moreover, the order of publication would be changed to quarterly. The contents would also be available electronically in the open access journal to the addressees and enthusiasts to attract more researchers. The main purpose of this development is to collect high quality articles and to index them in international scientific databases. The subjects of this journal is based on common areas of space, place, cultural and social studies.

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Socio-spatial studies

Journal Subjects: Architecture ، Sociology
Journal Languages: English
Publisher: موسسه پژوهشی معماری شبستان
Release order: فصلی
ISBN: 2645-419x
eISBN: 2645- 420
Founded Year: 2017
Published in:: Tehran-Iran

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این ژورنال تحت حمایت سیویلیکا می باشد و مقالات هر شماره آن پس از انتشار در پایگاه سیویلیکا نمایه سازی و منتشر می شود
مقالات نمایه شده در نظام رتبه بندی دانشگاهها و پژوهشگاهها مورد تحلیل قرار میگیرد.


صاحب امتیاز
Mrs. Khadijeh Rezaei Keikhaei
دانشگاه آزاد تبریز
صاحب امتیاز
Mrs. Raheleh Naserian

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