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Unseen Blessings of Ahl Al-Bayt

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Year: 2017
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Authors Unseen Blessings of Ahl Al-Bayt

Beau Scurich - Associate Chaplain & Muslim Advisor at Middlebury College


The blessing of ahl al-bayt is felt in every time and in every place. Theirblessing fills this worldly life because of their steadfast commitment toprophetic justice and ethics. Their commitment to these principles was suchthat they were willing to give up their lives for their convictions. The blessingof these pure ones manifests both in the seen and the unseen. This manuscriptexamines the blessing of ahl al-bayt in the unseen. First, I will examine thenature of blessing in the Islamic tradition, then proceed to connect theunderstanding of blessing to the people of the house, and finally expoundupon how blessing perpetually manifests through them in every time andplace.


Ahl Al-Bayt, blessing, Islamic tradition, prophetic justice

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COI code: ICJE01_101

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