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Analysis Correlation between Climate Change and Agricultural Productions in Iran

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Year: 2019
Present: پوستري
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Authors Analysis Correlation between Climate Change and Agricultural Productions in Iran

  Parisa Pakrooh - Ph.D student in Agricultural Economics at University of Tabriz
  Babollah Hayati - Professor in Agricultural Economics at University of Tabriz


Climate Change is increasingly one of the most serious threats which will have significant impacts on agricultural sectors. To analyze the climate change impact on agricultural productivity and crops in Iran, the study used primary data that have been collected from Statistical Center and Central Bank of Iran for 1978-2017. The Augmented Dickey-Fuller test for unit root revealed that variables stationary and Johansson test prove co integration in all models. The correlation of C-Vine Copula model in most productivity and crops such as wheat, potato, onion, oilseeds, beans, pistachio, meat, chicken, egg, milk, honey, temperature change was revealed positive correlation while precipitation change exerts positive correlation. But in barley, cotton and tea it was vise versa. It seems, agricultural sector productivity will be increased or constant in short term with depletion of water, soil and energy resources, but in long term may face with many complicated problems.


Agriculture, Climate Change, Correlation, Crops, Resources.

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COI code: RCCC06_006

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