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Effect of Irregular Distribution of Joints on Base Platform of Hexapodsʼ Sensory Configuration

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سال انتشار: 1399
کد COI Paper: ISME28_093
زبان Paper: Englishglish
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مشخصات نویسندگان Paper Effect of Irregular Distribution of Joints on Base Platform of Hexapodsʼ Sensory Configuration

S. Jalili - Assistant Professor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz, Iran,

چکیده Paper:

In recent years, it is suggested to use Gough-Stewart platform in six DOF position sensory applications. In this article, the governing equations of forward kinematic problem are developed merely based on Euclidian distance constraints which are different from previous conventional orientation-displacement formulations. Therefore, the equations converted to a more smooth algebraic form instead of highly nonlinear traditional trigonometric representation. In this method, nine second order nonlinear equations must be simultaneously satisfied to find the position of moving platform. The equations are solved using Newton-Raphson iterative algorithm. Unlike the manipulator application, in the sensory applications the two platforms are not necessarily arranged in a regular manner and therefore the ends of sensors could be easily located on an uneven surface. In present research, for the first time, convergence performance of suggested formulation in the case of unevenly distributed length sensors is investigated. Two configurations of one and three legs irregularity are selected to study the evenness effect. Results of this study illustrated that convergence rate could tangibly affected by increasing the irregularity and divergence in solutions would be possible. In this sense, the three legs unevenness leads to less convergence rate and more divergence probability.

کلیدواژه ها:

Stewart platform, Hexapod, Position sensor, Forward dynamics.

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کد COI Paper: ISME28_093

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undefined, undefined,1399,Effect of Irregular Distribution of Joints on Base Platform of Hexapodsʼ Sensory Configuration,بیست و هشتمین کنفرانس سالانه بین المللی انجمن مهندسان مکانیک ایران,Tehran,,,

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برای بار اول: (1399, Jalili, S.؛ )
برای بار دوم به بعد: (1399, Jalili؛ )
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